The great Aussie hotel is an icon of our culture. It’s said that they are the soul of a town, where the beer is cold, the food is honest and yarns are spun. That can certainly be said for our town, which at one point in time had over 400 hotels.


The Bunch of Grapes is steeped in Ballarat history. Our exterior proudly states 1906 as the establishment date but records show the existence of a hotel on this site dating back to 1868 when a J. Currell was the publican.


It has been a popular watering hole for all of its existence due to its great location but, in fact, it was probably at its most popular during World War II as it became the place to be for American marines who were stationed in Ballarat.


The hotel is has always been closely tied with Ballarat and we’re excited to infuse our menu with our regions fantastic produce. We’re proud to be part of Ballarat and we reflect that in the historic building we find ourselves in and the honest, regionally sourced produce we turn into our meals.